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Banket menu

Drinks reception

Canape with tongue 30 gr 50 rubles
Canape with chicken fillet and cheese 25 gr 50 rubles
Canape with shrimp and pineapple 25 gr 120 rubles
Canape "Salmon with sesame" 30 gr 80 rubles
Canape with boiled pork 20 gr 40 rubles
Canape with fruits 25 gr 25 rubles
Canape with cheese and vegetables 40 gr 60 rubles
Canape with cheese and grapes 30 gr 50 rubles
Bruschetta with herring 20 gr 30 rubles
Mini pancake with salmon caviar 30 gr 60 rubles
Canape with red caviar 20 gr 70 rubles
Salmon caviar on chips 15 gr 120 rubles
Eclairs with cheese stuffing 50 gr 50 rubles
Russian salad with salmon in tartlets 65 gr 80 rubles
Russian salad with tongue in tartlets 65 gr 80 rubles
Salmon in dough served with kiwi sauce 50 gr 120 rubles
Classic forshmak served in potato tartlets 25 gr 30 rubles
Pancakes stuffed with mushrooms 30 gr 40 rubles
Rolls of smoked salmon with brynza 100/50 gr 500 rubles
Pancakes stuffed with ham and cheese 30 gr 40 rubles
Pancakes stuffed with salmon 30 gr 60 rubles

Cold starters

Meat made dish    300 gr 550 rubles.
Vegetables made dish    300 gr 290 rubles.
Fruit made dish    400 gr 290 rubles.
Fish made dish    200 gr 690 rubles.
Fish rolls made dish    200 gr 430 rubles.
Pickles made dish    300 gr 320 rubles.
Cheese made dish    200 gr 400 rubles.
Eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese and nuts     75 gr 115 rubles.
Cheese rolls stuffed with salmon    100 gr 130 rubles.
Ham rolls stuffed with cheese    110 gr 120 rubles.
Mild-Cured herring with warm potatoes, pickled onions and original sauce 100/100/30 gr 210 rubles.
Calamari stuffed with crab meat     30 gr  50 rubles.
Beef tongue    130 gr 200 rubles.
Pickled mushrooms with sour cream and onion    110 gr 200 rubles.


Russian salad with tongue 220 gr 250 rubles.
Russian salad with smoked salmon 220 gr 300 rubles.
Caesar salad with chicken 220 gr 320 rubles.
Salad mix with turkey 200 gr 240 rubles.
Salad with veal and pomegranate 160 gr 200 rubles.
Salad with calamari and shrimps 180 gr 250 rubles.
Dressed salmon 180 gr 220 rubles.
Salad "Abundance" 180 gr 190 rubles.

Hot starters

Julienne of chicken 120 gr 180 rubles.
Julienne of tongue 120 gr 220 rubles.
Pork kebab 120/60 gr 300 rubles.
Chicken kebab 150 gr 270 rubles.
Salmon kebab 120/30 gr 520 rubles.
Possikunchiks with meat 150/30 gr 180 rubles.
Possikunchiks with cabbage 150/30 gr 130 rubles.

Hot courses

Salmon steak 200 gr 790 rubles.
Whole grilled dorade portion 600 rubles.
Whole grilled trout portion 480 rubles.
Pike perch fillet with potato pancakes 100/120 gr 420 rubles.
Homemade ham with potato mousse 110/100 gr 380 rubles.
Pork loin on bone 160 gr 490 rubles.
Pork towers garnished with grilled veggies 180 gr 400 rubles.
Pork flambe Medallions 240 gr 450 rubles.
Tender pork with cowberry sauce 160/50 gr 450 rubles.
Pork roll with mushroom sauce 210 gr 430 rubles.
Veal filet mignon with Porto sauce   160/40 gr 760 rubles.
Veal medallions with coffe sauce   115/50 gr 650 rubles.
Beef steak with Greek salsa 140/60 gr 620 rubles.
Milano chicken breast 300 gr 340 rubles.
Chicken breast in sesame served with a mixed rice 245 gr 220 rubles.
Chicken filet with bacon stuffed with cheese and sweet pepper 180/50 gr 390 rubles.
Tender chicken roll stuffed with broccoli and cheese 160/50 gr 310 rubles.

Side dishes

Homemade fried potatoes 150 gr 100 rubles.
Grilled veggies 150 gr 120 rubles.
Rice with veggies 150 gr 100 rubles.
French fries 150 gr 100 rubles.
Mixed fresh veggies 150 gr 100 rubles.
  • Новогодняя ночь в ресторане "a la Russe" и отеле "Мармелад"
    Думаете, где встретить Новый год с родными и близкими?! Приглашаем на Новогоднюю ночь в ресторане русской кухни "a la Russe" и отеле "Мармелад"! Специально для Вас:  - ведущий Денис Мельников - шоу-программа "Новый год А ля Русс" - праздничный стол в русском стиле  - проживание в ...
  • Бесплатный трансфер
    Для Вашего комфортного проживания в отеле "Мармелад" действует тариф «Бесплатный трансфер». В рамках данного тарифа для гостей предоставляются в сутки два бесплатных трансфера по городу или один трансфер в отдаленный район (в т.ч. аэропорт), завтрак включен. Более подробная информация и ...
  • Reservation on our site with discount of 15%
    Book a room throw our with a 15% discount without prepayment. Booking cancellation is free.
  • Tariff "Preflight"
    Do you want to relax before departure, but do not plan to stay in the hotel for a day? Especially for you, the hotel offers tariff "Preflight" for 12 hours of accommodation: In the category Standard for one person - 1700 rubles., For two - 2200 rubles. In the category of Comfort for ...
  • Book a room for half a day
    Dear guests, in our hotel you can book a room for half a day. Half day rate: "Comfort Plus", "Comfort" and "TRIPL Standard" - 1900 rub. per room Rooms "Standard DBL / TWIN" - 1600 rub. for the room. Breakfast is not included in the price, it is 400 rub. Check-out time depends on the time of ...
  • Become an honorary guest
    Get the card "Sly Fox". Get discount up to 15%! For more information, please call the receptionist or by website
  • 20% discount on birthday
    Offer is available in the restaurant "Cream", the sauna complex "Marmalade" and the hotel "Marmalade". Information and booking are by telephone: 240 59 59
  • Special offer for sports teams
    Our hotel is located well to the sports grounds of the city of Perm - Sport Complex named after V.P. Sukharev and the Sport Palace "Krasava". The distance from the hotel to the sports grounds is only 3 km., the journey time from the hotel to the sports complexes by car ...
  • An excellent start of the work week!
    In our hotel you will enjoy a pleasant start of the work week. Monday there is a discount for living - 20%. The special offer is valid for direct booking by phone, by e-mail, from the counter and from the hotel's website. The special offer is valid only upon arrival on Monday.
  • Only for servicemen!
    If you are a serviceman, the hotel gives you the opportunity to order free of charge food and drink daily for a special menu of the restaurant during all your accommodation. Special offer is valid when presenting a military ticket at the time of check-in. Please note: check-in is made on the ...
  • Group accommodation
    At group accommodation in our hotel there are tariffs with the following discounts. When booking From 5 to 9 rooms - 10%, From 10 to 14 rooms - 15%, From 15 rooms - 20%. The special offer is valid for direct booking by phone, by e-mail, from the counter if there is an application from ...
  • Permanent guest
    For our permanent guests, Hotel has special rates for accommodation. When checking in: From 2 to 4 times per calendar year, the cost of the room is cheaper by 5%, From 5 to 9 times per calendar year - by 10%, From 10 to 19 times per calendar year - by 15%, From 20 times per calendar year ...
  • Weekend in the hotel
    Spend your weekend in our hotel, the price of the room is from 2200 rubles for 1 day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included! Late check-out until 18.00 is possible. Detailed information and booking are available by phone: 240 59 59
  • Long stay
    The offer is valid only for ine-time payment of all stay For a period of 6 to 10 days the cost of the room is cheaper by 10%, For a period of 11 to 20 days - by 15%, For a period of more than 21 days - by 20%. The special offer is valid for direct booking by phone, by e-mail, from the ...
  • Early booking
    If you book a room no later than 30 days prior to arrival, the room rate is cheaper by 10% for the entire period of your accommodation. The special offer is valid for direct booking by phone, by e-mail, from the counter and from the hotel's website. No prepayment is required, except for group ...
  • For travelers on motorcycles
    If you are travelling by motocycle, you have a great opportunity to stay at our hotel for a special rate "Biker", which includes Accommodation in the room for 12 hours; Free breakfast; Discount for a motorcycle washing for 50%; One free order of treats and drinks on the special menu of ...
Wedding room
Especially for the newlyweds we offer a beautifully decorated room "Comfort" with a large double bed, laid with soft velvet linens, with many beautiful candles, floral arrangements and romantic music. In the evening, a bottle of sparkling wine and fresh fruit are served in the room, and a delicious ...